dyk - photo fact #01127

dyk - did you know photo fact #01127

What's the difference between the CMYK and RGB color systems?
CMYK refers to different colors being added to a white paper substrate and relies upon REFLECTIVE light to see. RGB begins with no light (blackness) to which different spectrums of light are added to PROJECT visible light colors out for us to see.

Richard Lippert
Richard Lippert


Imaging has been a part of my entire life. I remember working with my Daddy in a make-shift darkroom we would rig up in our house on weekends to develop b/w photos when just a kid. Later on, my professional career path had me performing medical imaging of the human body using million dollar cameras. i/oTrak, has made an art of imaging and managing photographs and documents since 1995. We got our start in scanning documents by first working with medical documents from healthcare facilities throughout the United States. After imaging hundreds of millions of content-sensitive paper documents, i/oTrak formed its E-Z Photo Scan group Now, as President of i/oTrak, Inc., we continue the art of imaging with our newest business group...E-Z Photo Scan.

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