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The first digital image made on a computer in 1957 showed researcher Russell Kirsch's baby son. Credit: NIST
So you thought digital photographs were a relatively new arrival that swept in as we began the 21st century? 
Well, guess again. The first digital photograph was produced in 1957 and is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
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Development of Toolbox of Photo Organization and Scanning Utilities Underway

Compatible with both Win or Mac Operating Systems, the E-Z Photo Scan Toolbox will offer a simple, no-frills approach to making available key utility applications and calculators used to serve as support tools in the process of photo organization and digitization.

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3 More Tips for Helping Manage Your Scanning Old Photo Project

Learn about 3 more tips for helping to cross the finish line of your project to scan old photos and protect the stories they tell for generations to come.

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4 steps to building a solid foundation for your project to scan old photos

By following these four steps you are laying the groundwork to avoid the frustration of those unanticipated speed bumps guaranteeing your project to scan old photos results in a more enjoyable outcome. 

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