Is There a Professional Photo Scanner Just Around the Corner From You?

Kodak Rapid Print ScannerKodak's Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager, Jennifer Casey, recently highlighted a new addition now available for the Kodak Picture Kiosks. The Kodak Rapid Print Scanner II is directly related to the award-winning PS50 series Picture Saver Scanning System from Kodak Alaris. These units are tethered to the Kodak Picture Kiosk and perfect for doing  loose prints and a shoe-box full of photos.


Here's an excerpt from Casey's blog entry;

The Scanners are so easy to use that you can do it without the help of a sales assistant. They are fast too. You can feed the scanner stacks of 20 pictures at a time and it scans FIFTY 4×6 photos in about a MINUTE! You can also be assured that you will get great image clarity and color from the Kodak Rapid Print Scanner II.

Once you have your photos scanned and digitized you can create a photo book that organizes them however you please. An Archive DVD is a good way to store your photos and transfer them to your computer. You could even cross some other items off your to-do list and use your photos to make thank you cards or photo gifts like calendars.

Kodak Picture Kiosk and the Kodak Rapid Print Scanner II can take care of your printed photo collection so quickly it will assist you in the #10 top New Years resolution for 2014… Spend More Time with Family.

You can find a Kodak Picture Kiosk with a Kodak Rapid Print Scanner II using this store locator.

If you are looking for an alternative solution to digitize thousands of family pictures, memorabilia, and other precious documents, E-Z Photo Scan can help! Renting a Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System gives you professional equipment at your fingertips for 3-day and 7-day periods. The scanner, computer and all the supplies you need to scan are delivered directly to you.

Whether you go around the corner to use a Rapid Print Scanner II for your shoebox full of photos, rent a Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System to digitize those thousands of pictures you have been putting off trying to organize for years, or want to purchase a complete system; the Kodak Alaris Picture Saver Scanning System has you covered. 

Richard Lippert
Richard Lippert


Imaging has been a part of my entire life. I remember working with my Daddy in a make-shift darkroom we would rig up in our house on weekends to develop b/w photos when just a kid. Later on, my professional career path had me performing medical imaging of the human body using million dollar cameras. i/oTrak, has made an art of imaging and managing photographs and documents since 1995. We got our start in scanning documents by first working with medical documents from healthcare facilities throughout the United States. After imaging hundreds of millions of content-sensitive paper documents, i/oTrak formed its E-Z Photo Scan group Now, as President of i/oTrak, Inc., we continue the art of imaging with our newest business group...E-Z Photo Scan.

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