E-Z Photo Scan Partners with Storefront.com to Serve Retail Kiosk Channel

 E-Z Photo Scan/Storefront.com offering to debut at IPIC 2016

E-Z Photo Scan, the leading marketer of desktop photo-scanning systems, announced a partnership with Vancouver, BC-based Storefront.com to bring high-speed photo scanning to retailers. Storefront’s NEO PhotoKiosk will now offer high-volume/high-quality photo scanning through integration with Kodak Picture Saver Scanners. Photo specialty retailers will get a first look at this combination at the International Print and Imaging Conference (IPIC) in Las Vegas, Nev., July 10-14.

The Kodak Picture Saver scanner provides fast, automated photo scanning up to 85 photos per minute, with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi. The durable scanners can delicately handle precious photos with patented photo-handling technology, ensuring photo memories are digitally preserved.

“The integration of the Kodak Picture Saver scanner with the innovative Storefront.com NEO PhotoKiosk is the right solution for the photo retailer looking to add a new profit center to their photo kiosk,” says Richard “Rick” Lippert, president, E-Z Photo Scan. “Storefront is one of the trusted leaders in photo kiosk solutions, and a great partner.”

“While our wireless, app-free transfer resolves the challenge of monetizing images on mobile devices, there’s still a huge pent-up demand to digitize the decades of images languishing in shoeboxes around the world,” says Larry Adams, senior vice president, Storefront.com. “Storefront’s integration of E-Z Photo Scan’s Kodak Picture Saver enables customers to use historical images in creating the many wonderful products that are made available in the modern world. This is a win/win solution for customers and retailers alike.”

The new integration with Storefront’s NEO PhotoKiosk is the latest in a series of expanded self-serve solutions from E-Z Photo Scan for photo scanning. Also available are offerings for Kodak Picture kiosks and Scannx Book ScanCenters. In-field support is provided by Kodak Alaris sales and support.

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Richard Lippert
Richard Lippert


Imaging has been a part of my entire life. I remember working with my Daddy in a make-shift darkroom we would rig up in our house on weekends to develop b/w photos when just a kid. Later on, my professional career path had me performing medical imaging of the human body using million dollar cameras. i/oTrak, has made an art of imaging and managing photographs and documents since 1995. We got our start in scanning documents by first working with medical documents from healthcare facilities throughout the United States. After imaging hundreds of millions of content-sensitive paper documents, i/oTrak formed its E-Z Photo Scan group Now, as President of i/oTrak, Inc., we continue the art of imaging with our newest business group...E-Z Photo Scan.

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